Cover Art & Tracklisting For My New EP “Triple Threat: Dancer”

AshleYYY Triple threat Dancer

This EP is ALL me. Every song is filled with lots of energy & attitude!

‘Find Me’ starts it off right! It’s an honest introduction. I give you a glimpse of who I am on & off the stage. You’ll learn what I like & dislike in men and where you can find me – all while promoting my brand! lol

Now imagine a young woman in control and determined to get what she wants. She shows off her skills to get the attention of her crush. You can expect a hot video this summer, as ‘Joyride’ is the lead single. Stay tuned!

‘Rock Steady’ takes me back to my college days, when most of us girls would come to a party with the mind set that we were THEE Best Twerker in there! lol I do believe that every dancer (male or female) should exude personality & confidence once they hit the dance floor; because it’s our duty as performers! (Even if you’re considered a tease sometimes lol!)

So put on ya dancing shoes, here is my Triple Threat: Dancer EP 😉

Here’s my lead single Joyride listen below:

Photographer: Sophistiké Photography

MUA: Flawless Beauty by Nicole

Hair: Ziff Anthony

Styling: Dannie of Fashionable Addictions

Triple Threat_Dancer_Cover

Triple Threat_Dancer_Tracklisting