Cover Art & Tracklisting For My New EP “Triple Threat: Singer”

AshleYYY - Triple Threat - Singer

(Clears throat) …La La La La LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! 😀

Here it is guys – the covert art & tracklisting for my SINGER EP! What can you expect? GREAT R&B music 🙂 I am thrilled about these songs & how much I’ve grown! (Shout out to my vocal coach, QUEEN! – Hard work really does pay off! 😉

Not only did I have the best time writing & recording these songs, BUT I also had the privilege of collaborating with Mister JRE RILEY – Another amazing vocalist from Milwaukee!

 As always, you will be able to relate to these songs. They will stir up some emotion, and/or bring back some memories! lol So get ready guys, you are in for a treat! Muah!

Again, I’ll be releasing a new EP (album) every month check out the details HERE.

~AshleYYY 🙂

Check out my lead single So Beautiful below:

Photographer: Sophistiké Photography

MUA: Flawless Beauty by Nicole

Hair: Ziff Anthony

Styling: Dannie of Fashionable Addictions

AshleYYY_Triple Threat_Singer_Cover

AshleYYY_Triple Threat_Singer_Coverr_Tracklisting