Cover Art & Tracklisting For My New EP “Triple Threat: Songwriter”

AshleYYY - Triple Threat: Songwriter

UPBEAT!                            COCKY.                             ROUGH-

                    INNOCENT.                              CURIOUS? 

 PLAYFUL!                      MYSTERIOUS.             IMAGINATIVE…              

          TRIPLE THREAT   S  O  N  G  W  R  I  T  E  R   EP.

Writing is a challenge – but I LOVE IT! 🙂 There is so much freedom that comes with it. I’m always striving for every song to be different and hold it’s own. I am a multifaceted woman & my music reflects that. This EP definitely shows how versatile I am as a writer & an artist. You’ll hear a mix of Hip Hop, Pop, & R&B!

So here it is! The cover art & track listing for my SONGWRITER EP =) 

Again, I’ll be releasing a new EP (album) every month check out the details HERE.

Check out my lead single MAKE ME REAL BAD below

~AshleYYY 🙂

Photographer: Sophistiké Photography

MUA: Flawless Beauty by Nicole

Hair: Ziff Anthony

StylingDannie of Fashionable Addictions

AshleYYY_Triple Threat_Songwriter_Cover Art

AshleYYY_Triple Threat_Songwriter_Tracklisting