F! F! F! (Fun Fact Friday) & Special Announcement!

baby hairExhibit A

“Wh-WhAt cHu kNoW A-boUT ME?!” (I made it a song, in my head.)

1. I auditioned for America’s Got Talent last weekend here in ATL. It was another lonnnng day guys. These TV show auditions are draining. Seriously. It’s a full work day. Lol! I warmed my voice up, had my outfit packed, did my make up, ate a “Chicago dog” lol, watched others perform in the waiting area, and FINALLY got to perform for one of the producers around 4:30PM! I sang & danced for this audition. It went well. The others in the room gave me a few compliments 🙂 We shall see if I make it to the celeb. judge round – NEXT YEAR! [They review tapes in January! lol] Keep ya fingers crossed.


2. I love to cook now. Kinda. lol I like to experiment! HAHA! I search recipes on the web and/or type in specific ingredients and see what photos pop up! HA! [Don’t judge me]. And yes, I STILL take pics of my food. Food is a beautiful thing. I love to get down ya’ll. Which reminds me, lunch time is approaching!!!..


3. My NAILS must be re-done every two weeks! I love color! I love making up my own designs! It’s exciting! I believe my hairstyles, make-up, and nails are all a reflection of me & my personality 🙂 …And no, I don’t go pay someone else to do them – PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! 🙂 LolNails new

4. BABY HAIR  is a must. #BrushThatDown lol! [I apologize if I’m over the top today, I just feel good.] So, baby hair has always been apart of my life. If and when my hair is pinned up, it is imperative that the curls be brushed in a smooth wave pattern. [Take a look at Exhibit A above. Lol]

5. Since we are on the topic of cosmetology, why not finish off this last fact with my BROWS? This is something I pride myself on lol I’ve gotten so great at learning how to do them myself!! [I’m all about saving money if you guys haven’t noticed.] My eyebrows are the FIRST thing that I do when applying make up. They take me about 10-15min to complete. I get really anal about them. Lol

…..Lastly, I have a special announcement… *drum roll* ……..

AshleYYY Unplugged 3 will be Sunday, November 24th, 2013 – here in ATLANTA, GA — This will be my first big concert here in the A! Details coming soon — Please mark your calendars and stay tuned guys! 🙂

Love ya’ll and have a great weekend!