F! F! F! – The Confident Woman, An Evening of Stars & iPhones!


F! F! F!  …

1. Sooo I locked myself out of my iPhone. I was thinking too much one morning and completely forgot the passcode. Long story short, I had to clear my phone. No contacts. (PS.. If u text me, don’t be mad when I ask, “Who is this?!” lol) #Smh.

2. I had the opportunity to choreograph for a talented group of young ladies! GRAVITY aka G-Force, performed at Atlanta’s Got Talent this month and did a great job. These ladies’ skill & work ethic is beautiful; plus they give 100% every time in rehearsals! Keep it up girls 🙂 Gravity

3. The UNCF An Evening of Stars event was filmed at the Atlanta Civic Center. It was hosted by Anthony Anderson and aired on BET. I had the opportunity to be Photographer of the Day! lol Big thank you to Edward, of Hip Hop U-C-It, for always allowing me to work, learn new things & meet inspiring people on the red carpet. (See more photos & videos on HIPHOPUCIT.com!!! < Click here.) Grace GealeyUNCF

4. I’ve been reading Joyce Meyer’s ‘The Confident Woman Devotional: 365 Daily Inspirations’ and I absolutely love it. It’s just one page a day and I read it in the morning to start my day. She gives a scripture, a story or example to learn from, and a prayer. Every subject is right on time!!! Praise God for confirmation.

5. I performed at this month’s Writing Sessions of America (#WSAATL) at Apache Cafe… Intimate set. Great talent. Smooth night 🙂 I enjoyed ALL of the performances & speakers! Always grateful to be able to do what I love the most & be surrounded by music lovers who take their jobs seriously. 🙂 ApacheWSAATL group

…There you have it! Five Fun Facts 🙂 Until next time, have a great weekend! (Oh, who’s watching the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight?! I guess I’ll be watching with my eyes covered half of the time. I can only take so much violence, guys! Lol I know it’s a sport; but it was hard enough for me to watch Rocky Balboa! haha.) Peace!



AshleYYYShoutout to the JCP Salon – LOVE my hair! 😉