I Hiked 10 Miles with My Twin! #BirthdayTrip #NewYear



She’s Here ūüôā


You could say we were late bloomers for a lot of things in life lol. We both got our drivers license in our late 2o’s; however she got hers maybe ¬†a couple years after I did. This was the first time I had been in the car with her as a new driver. Haha! I was such a passenger seat driver. Sorry, but not sorry…I couldn’t help it.

Too Cool.

After about 1.5 hours we made it to Amicalola Falls Lodge in Dawsonville, GA! Each day I took a photo of the view from our room. Each view was very different from the last, yet equally breathtaking.






January 10th, 2017 – Officially 30 years young & still looking like teens!¬†¬†Clearly we both couldn’t sleep. As usual, I reached for a snack. lol



After we filled up on carbs for breakfast, we headed out to the hiking trail. You will see below why¬†it took us forever to get to the top…. Photo-ops, selfie stick complications, sing-a-longs & filming music videos were to blame.


I’m so happy we decided to spend our b-day together and try something new. I felt like we accomplished something great. It was definitely a memorable experience. Nothing but smiles & sore muscles.¬†


The next day my body didn’t want anymore exercise,¬†and I was dreading doing anymore walking. However, Erin was really set on seeing this waterfall! lol I knew I had¬†to go and finish our trip together. Thankfully there were two options to get to the waterfall: Walk down 400+ steps or drive… Needless to say which one we did. lol I’m so glad I went or I would have missed out on one of Georgia’s beautiful landmarks.

West Ridge Falls

We had a phenomenal time. Praise God for nature, new experiences, reflection, growth & true friendship!

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Much Love,