Interview: AshleYYY – The Love & Life Of The Party

From the moment you meet her, Ashley Moore is an undeniable burst of positive and creative energy and anything she says or does you instantly want to pay attention. Musically known as AshleYYY, this trait will definitely come in handy. As a true triple threat, this singer, songwriter, and dancer has an a work ethic and passion that will surely take her to the top. What really makes her a winner is the belief and faith that she has in her convinctions. Inside and out AshleYYY is a star.

Introduction and Interview by Melissa Kimble

What inspires you to create?
LIFE! As far as writing goes, I love to use my experiences to create music. Writing my own songs allows me to open up, vent, and be
honest. So in my music I talk about love, relationships, self confidence, women empowerment, my community, reaching my goals, and more. As far as creating movement goes, it comes natural for me. I hear the beat, use lyrics, and allow the music to move me in whatever direction. I’m also inspired by other artists whether they be singers or dancers; I can always learn from others.

You actually started off as a member of a trio and then later emerged as a solo act. What lessons did you learn about yourself and others through that experience? During the transition I asked myself that very question because I like to look at every situation (good and bad) as a learning experience. I learned how to deal with different personalities and how important it is to have open communication. I learned how to be a good listener, adjust to change, and that I like to bring balance to any group.

A big lesson was recognizing my strengths and weaknesses in order to grow.

It’s great when others can accept their weaknesses and be willing to learn, plus use their strengths to then teach others. In any group or work place you have to be committed, willing to listen to others, be flexible, make sacrifices, compromise, and strive to build healthy relationships.

You’ve done a large amount of appearances and performances in such a short amount of time. What do you attribute your work ethic to? Honestly, PASSION is what keeps me going! It’s easy to have a strong work ethic when you’re doing something you truly love. I believe I was given my talents for a reason and it was meant for me to share them with others. I set my goals high and my family & friends support everything I do. Aside from passion, faith, goals, and a great support system, I learn from my manager, Edward Griffin. I see how hard he works and how dedicated he is to everything he’s apart of, and it’s very inspiring. So working with someone who’s work ethic is crazy makes me step it up!

What is the most rewarding part about being a new artist? I’m fresh and new to the scene! It’s okay for me to mistakes, as long as I’m learning from them. It’s also rewarding to be able to have a say so in everything I do, the direction I want to go, my music, etc and not have anyone telling me who I have to be. Being on an independent label, my management & I are able to be hands on and see my vision come to life. My performances & videos catch a lot of attention and people are curious to know who AshleYYY really is; and that’s exciting!

When someone comes in contact with your music – whether they hear you or see you perform, what do you want your audience to take away from you as an artist and as a woman? When someone is listening to my music, I can only hope they would really listen to what I am singing about, hear the honesty, be able to relate to something, DANCE, feel confident, and form an appreciation for the art itself. When performing I want them to be engaged, moving with me, and see not only a new artist on the rise but a talented, educated woman who is living her dreams! I want people to see the passion I possess, the grind, my energy, and to want more of AshleYYY!

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