Interview: Behind The Facade – Introducing AshleYYY


A polished voice and a savvy style to match, young and upcoming singer/songwriter/dancer AshleYYY has something so say. Born of her Midwest roots but exhibits a southern flare found in her new home of Atlanta, Georgia. As a dancer for the Milwaukee Bucks, a new album and campaign makes a full and heavy plate for her but through determination and resilience, she will prevail. Read all about AshleYYY  and what lies ahead for her career.

Why did you choose to become a solo artist? When did you know you possessed great talent?

AshleYYY: Well I originally started out in a trio, but after the group split, I decided to just keep it moving and become a solo act. I’ve always wanted to be a solo artist since the age of 9! I learned by watching & imitating others on TV. Singing & dancing became natural for me. I knew then I was
talented, but my passion, skills, & determination have grown tremendously since then.

What are you currently working on?

AshleYYY:  I’m currently working on new music! I am in my writing phase and just really pushing myself to make great songs for this next project, and creating new choreography as well. I also have a new campaign, Let’s Wait!, that will be launching soon along with my new website. You can listen to the cover song I did for the campaign online too!

Do you feel more connected to the art of dancing, singing, or songwriting?

AshleYYY:  Aw man, that’s a tough one. But since I can only choose one, I would say dancing. I LOVE the art form and being a choreographer. There are no limits. I dance with everything I do: singing, walking, talking, and even when I eat! I can’t help but move. It’s in my body.

Who influenced you the most as you grew up? Where do you find the most inspiration from?

AshleYYY: Growing up I was influenced the most by Beyoncé, and I still am today! She is the definition of a true entertainer. She puts all of her talents together and nails it each and every time; I love watching her perform! Overall, I’m just inspired by great music, strong voices, creative lyrics, & personal experiences. Anything can be an inspiration if you let it.

How do you plan to build your fan base even more?

AshleYYY: Being present! I am in a new city so it’s important for me to perform whenever I can and let people know who I am and show them why I am a triple threat. I love making fun videos at home so people get to see the real me; which is why we started Ashleyyy Diaries! It’s behind the scenes footage of me and being on the go. I also plan on blogging and will continue to stay connected with my fans. I think the new campaign will be great for my younger audience as well, and my music will always speak for itself.

Upon receiving success, what is your ideal first endorsement deal?

AshleYYY:  Omg, I would love to have an endorsement deal with Nike!Whether I’m performing on a stage or just hanging out, I rock colorful high tops! It’s a part of my everyday wardrobe and it’s something that represents me. So having my own sneaker or just being one of the faces of Nike would be cool.

What mainstream artist would you choose to have a duet with?

AshleYYY: I would love to do a duet with Chris Brown because we are both great singers & dancers. So it would be really fun to be able to perform with him; and I’m a big fan!

How do you plan to prepare yourself for the things to come?

AshleYYY: Everything I do is preparing me for the future. After every performance, I go back and watch it. My management and I evaluate everything so that we know what worked well and what could be better for next time. Whether it is behind the scenes or my performance itself, there’s always room for improvement. I also read articles, look at other artists, and watch interviews to prepare myself mentally for the future. Making mistakes now and learning from them early on is great preparation too.

How long does it typically take you to write a song? Any songwriter you draw from?

AshleYYY: Typically, it takes a few hours for me to write one song. Sometimes I’ll go back and change things around later. But for the most part, I like to knock it out in one sitting. There’s no one songwriter I draw from, I just let the music lead me and the lyrics just come. Sometimes I think about some of my favorite songs by other artists and ask myself, ‘What made that song great?’ and use that as inspiration when I’m creating my own work.

How do you avoid the negatives of being a part of this business?

AshleYYY: So far I haven’t experienced much negativity, but I do plan to always keep positive people around me who are honest. I’m learning to have a thick skin and remember that not everybody will like me, or my music. And that’s okay! As long as I give 100% every time, stay focused & true to
myself, I’ll be fine. I know that I won’t always be able to avoid negativity, but thinking first, making smart decisions, and preparing myself now will help.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

AshleYYY: My greatest achievement so far would definitely be my first full length album: Won’t Stop 4 Nuthin’. I had full control of my music: what I wanted to write about & how I wanted it to sound. I’m proud of myself and just excited about the music to come. The more I study my crafts, the better I become as a triple threat. —Free<3 @Inkstains_

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