Molo In The City Podcast – My Interview + Performance!


Hey World!

Today feels beautiful. I’m alive, the sun is shining, and it’s a holiday! Lol Buuut I still have to work. Haha. Happy Labor Day and I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I actually attended House In The Park for the first time! It was held at Grant Park where DJs played house music ALL day, while families’ barbecued & lounged in their tents! (I want a camping tent so bad lol.) Vendors were on site and the music was bumping. Shout out to Chicago, the originators of House Music, and all the DJs holding it down! I would definitely go back next year. I love being outdoors & attending festivals. Good times.

As promised, I have another interview to share with you guys. I met up with Moshua “Molo” Loriel & special guest host, Jay Dukes, of Molo In The City Podcast (episode 10), at Cirque Daiquiri Bar & Grill in Atlanta, GA. I actually first met Moshua a few years ago, when I first moved to GA. Back then I was attending a lot of open mics and would always see her performing at Legend Café. She has such a great spirit & a fun personality, so it was nice catching up with her. In this interview, find out who my favorite producer is, the meaning behind my LET’S WAIT! Campaign, and see me perform! ~ BIG THANKS to Quadir, Moshua, & Jay for having me! 🙂 Much Love. Be sure to subscribe to their channel & watch more interviews on Fashion, Music, Art, & Entertainment HERE. (PS… Moshua, I love watching you on the show. You are such a natural. Keep doing what you do!! You’re great at it.)

That’s all for now folks! Have a PEACEFUL & productive week…

Love ya 😉