MONDAY MADNESS – Live shows, Tha Music Factory & Nightmares?!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Mine was pretty cool. Let me fill you in!…

Last week I had another performance – it was a blast! I performed at The Music Room for the first time here in ATL, for the ATL UpNext Artist Showcase. There was a variety of artists & a panel who gave each of us feedback. [I love feedback!] So I sang Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” for the first time, and switched up the lyrics. Following the cover song, I performed my latest single, “Find Me”. The crowd’s response was so warm 🙂 The energy exchange was perfect guys lol 🙂 Great night! Looking forward to the next show!


Saturday I had another filming for ‘Tha Music Factory’ – which will be premiering next month! I’m one of the dancers on the show. I love it! We just freestyle all day! Lol But it’s also a great learning experience – you get to see how things run on set of a show, watch the hosts do their thing, and meet new upcoming artists who also perform. It’s also important for me as a dancer to step outside my comfort zone, and be creative – there is no switching of the songs if we don’t like it, so we just gotta be ready to dance when the next song plays! Lol I strive to make sure I don’t move the same way each time – it’s challenging! YES to exploring movement! – Always.

[From top right, clockwise – 1.) A1 Supergroup performed their single, “Turn Up Everywhere We Go” – I LOVE that song! 2.) Dancers & Deb Atney (Wocka Flocka’s mother), from Love & Hip Hop, gave some great feedback on set. 3.) Blue Kimble, one of the show’s hosts!  4.) Group pic with some of the dancers/models. 5.] The show’s logo!]ThaMusicFactory 10.19.13

FUN FACT FOR THE DAY- For those of you who don’t know, I’m a big dreamer. (And I don’t mean just in my waking life lol) But every night I lay down to sleep, I DREAM – and I remember EVERYTHING! Sometimes I wish I could record what I see and watch it on film with others! My dreams are much exaggerated, eventful, includes family/friends (sometimes celebs), and tend to be about issues I deal with or think about when awake. Some are even reoccurring and do a great job of getting my attention. That’s powerful to me; so I make it my duty to take some time to analyze them.

My sister referred me to a great website: – I found it to be very insightful! So if you’re like me, and want to know more about dreams and their significance, read about them! You may enjoy this site too – I’m sure all things don’t apply, but that’s for you to figure out 🙂 have fun & have a FANTASTIC week!