My Let’s Wait! Documentary Preview [VIDEO]

AshleYYY - Lets Wait

It’s a blessing to be able to make people feel different emotions through my music. It’s even more powerful to be able to connect with others off stage. One way I want to continue to reach others is through my LET’S WAIT! Campaign. With this movement, I have the opportunity to share my story and hopefully make an impact on someone else’s life. We are in the process of  filming my documentary, and just recently revealed a preview at AshleYYY Unplugged 3! Take a look below, as I share my story…

For more information please click here. If you would like to be apart of the campaign or for me to come out and speak, please contact me at [email protected] To download AshleYYY’s official Let’s Wait! cover click below.

Download: AshleYYY – Let’s Wait!

Thanks guys!

-AshleYYY 🙂