Press Release: AshleYYY Releases New Single “Why You Come For Me?”

AshleYYY - Why You Com For Me?

Nationwide – November 25, 2014 — It’s a testament to AshleYYY’s fearlessness.  This past year the triple threat singer, songwriter and dancer AshleYYY has written songs regularly, recorded multiple features, performed on many stages while not only honing her craft but continuing to build her brand. In the midst of all that, with anticipation building over the last year for new music, AshleYYY has quietly made her way into the studio to record her latest single “Why You Come For Me?” which has been made available to the world today November 25, 2014. It’s not a ballad, nor is it a dance track. It’s a good mixture of both, with vulnerable lyrical content. “Why You Come For Me?” is a story that will paint a picture for you, she describes this song as an “honest piece.”

“It’s funny; I’ve realized how much the “true story” songs end up being so much easier to write. I remember writing the majority of this piece back in 2012, and just how easy the lyrics seemed to fall on the page.”

AshleYYY has the ability to tug on people’s emotions with her strong ballads and her aim with this single is no different. Although this one isn’t a ballad, her focus is and has always been on making great music that people can relate to while continuing to grow in every aspect of being an artist.

“I want to be an artist who stands behind her music and knows what she wants, and knows exactly how she wants it to sound…without feeling some type of way about it when more work has to be done. (laughs) #TeamAshleYYY Always striving for greatness.”

With her new single “Why You Come For Me?” ready and available for the world to hear, AshleYYY looks to have her “honest” music fall on the ears, hearts and minds of all that can relate.

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About AshleYYY

A bold addition to a traditional name, AshleYYY, will capture your attention at a moment’s notice. Accomplished singer, songwriter, dancer and former professional NBA dancer AshleYYY is a musical force whose range and talent will not just dominate R&B, but can span any genre including pop music, hip-hop, country, rock and more. Based out of Milwaukee but currently residing in Atlanta, AshleYYY is ready to empower the music scene with her universal charm that appeals to the masses.