Thank you, Lord.
I put a lot of thought, time, passion, money & energy into this performance (as I should). I wouldn’t change a thing. I knew exactly what I wanted and set out to get it. Everything wasn’t “perfect” however the goal was to leave it all on that stage; and that’s exactly what I did.
This performance is only a preview of what’s to come. 🙂

This video was filmed & edited by Syd! | omg you were the sweetest! Your work is beyond beautiful. Thank for capturing this night for us and taking your time on the finished product. THIS is what quality looks like! Can’t wait to work with you again. ??
Soul Therapy ATL | Thank you for this platform. You don’t even know how much this event meant to me. It had been over a year since I’ve done a show. Ya’ll really had everything in place for us & it came together beautifully. Thank you for having me. *Special thanks to Chris & Rob — I appreciate your professionalism & genuine support.*
Show mixes | ? Woo chile!! Anthony you always co me thru, mannnn. Thank you for your TIME. Thank you for genuinely supporting me & wanting to see me be great. This was an essential part of my show & I couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you for your services & being dedicated all the way through! I appreciate you.
Edward & Queen | Y’all always keep it real & keep me grounded. Y’all do not hesitate to tell me what it is and what it ain’t! Thank you for that. Your guidance & support is so necessary. I may not take every single piece of advice lol but know that I hear you. I’m always relearning myself. I’m enjoying how free I’m allowing myself to be & always want to make sure I can stand behind everything I say & do. So thank you two for rocking with me all these years & loving me the way you do. I know y’all have my back. ? I just want to make you proud.
Dancers | Do ya’ll know how much you’re needed? How much bigger you made this show? ? Wow. Your skill set. Your energy on that stage. Your ability to adapt to change last minute! That’s what professionals do ! You ladies gave up your time to be a part of this & that means everything to me. Mychala & Marquita— thank you for your consistency. I’m forever grateful that y’all continue to rock wit me all these years. I’m always impressed by our growth. Y’all never let me down; you bring it every time! Rhema & Kelsey— Thank you for being on board! I had been itching for 4 dancers!! Lol and it came together beautifully! We were able to do so much more visually. You two are something special & I thank you for sharing your talents with me. I hope to keep working with you!
All of you were absolutely beautiful in that all white, baby!!! ?so much passion. so many laughs. so easy to work with. #thankyou
442 Band | thank you for putting up with me & my requests! Musicians are something special. Thank you for putting in the work to make this show come to life. I hope to work with you all again. Y’all are so dope!
Atlanta Virtual Studios | umm, your venue is like perfect. Thank you for having us in your space. (And for the pop up visit) I hope to return in the near future!
Neyah | even with everything you had to do that week (as one of the HEADLINERS) you STILL made time to get my hair right! JUST the way I wanted it. I thank you for that, sis. Thank you for always coming thru with greatness! You neva eva disappoint! ?
Shayla | Girrrl, I’m so so glad we crossed paths the way we did and have stayed in touch. You . Are . Amazingggg at what you do. I’m very particular about my make up and you get me glammed, all while still looking like myself! Thats so important to me. Thank you for taking your time on me, giving sound advice & always being a cheerleader before showtime. I appreciate you so much!
Dream Girls Closet | I swear I almost didn’t walk in there; but I’m so glad I did. That was the first time I was that decisive, so quickly! lol As a performer, finding something that makes me feel comfortable, cute & confident on stage is so critical. And I felt so good! E, thank you for your help & going above and beyond for me during crunch time. Your customer service was everything! #blackownedbusiness
Credits— click their names below to see more of their work!
Recording Engineer | @antmostmusic
Live Musicians | @thereal442band
Show Venue | @atlvirtualstudios
Hair Stylist | @njoyebeauty
Makeup Artist | @vintageparisdolls
Rehearsal Spaces | @iinspirestudios & @macnificentinc
Videographer | @sydneyysaint
Audio | “Keep Dreaming” ? (a cappella) by @ashleyyymusic
Thanks so much for tuning in!