The Best of 2014!


Hey World! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all of the holidays this season…Wishing you all a SAFE & exciting New Year as well! But before 2015 comes, I gotta share with ya’ll some of my favorite moments, foods, & experiences of 2014! Let’s take a stroll…


Ya’ll know I love me a good dance audition. I love me a challenge and this year I had my fair share of them. The most memorable audition would have to be the ‘Drumline: A New Beat’ 2-day audition. Wow. Can I just say I ain’t never danced so hard in my life?! lol but seriously, ALL of the choreo was so fun, I couldn’t help but enjoy the experience. The competition was on & every lady (and guy) in that room fought hard!

Picstitch 2

Praise God. I also had the opportunity to work at Cosmic Energy Fitness Studio as a Hip Hop instructor (my first teaching job at an ATL studio!) I also go to host an upbeat workshop with Dance Styles, Inc.! I’ve met so many gracious women through these jobs & learned new things each step of the way. Thank You. 🙂

IMG_7046  IMG_8203


Soooo the first time I go to Joe’s Crab Shack I decide to order crawfish for the first time. Little did I know this stuff has the eyeballs STILL ON it! (I can’t deal.) I had to have Edward crack them open for me, then I could eat them without something looking back at me! Lol You feel me? It was good tho! IMG_7305


Some of my new experiences included: being a part of Culture shoes & creating our very own sneaker!, working the Green Carpet with Hip-Hop-U-C-It at the BET Hip Hop Awards, being casted in Janelle Monae’s ‘Electric Lady’ music video, and being an extra in the film, Ride Along 2. IMG_7146



Erin actually just visited me for the second time. (Oooh, I thought I was energetic… but have you met my sister?) Lol 🙂 love you sis. It’s always a good time when I’m surrounded by loved ones. More road trips, family time, & game nights to come!   




I attended the Jay-Z & Beyoncé concert! Ow! I had never seen a Beyoncé show or Jay-Z in concert. What an experience 🙂 #OnTheRunTour     

Oh, I won a rap battle this year. That’s right, you read it right! Lol I always knew I had it in me. (Thanks to V-103!)



I love being out & meeting new people, but I wasn’t taking full advantage of every opportunity. Took me a while, but I get it. At some point you have to break out of your shell (especially being in a new city) and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. It’s very easy to get comfortable; but you won’t always see change that way. I now understand what it really means to build relationships with others.


I’m learning to embrace my journey as an artist. Don’t rush the dream AshleYYY! I’ve also stepped out of my comfort zone and began collabing with other songwriters. Sometimes more heads are better than one. I’m also thankful for my team & grateful to have two of the sweetest young ladies by my side, putting in werk! 😉



hair out From my skin, to my hair journey, to becoming a “woman” lol! (Not that guys! Let me explain) — It’s been an eventful year. No one told me I’d be experiencing all these changes in my late 20s! WTH?! It’s funny, my sis & I were just talking about how we both still feel really young. I mean we are “young”, but we’re older in a sense because we are more aware, career focused, and making sense of life… Ya’ll know what I’m saying, right?


IMG_3780IMG_4833Since I moved to Atlanta two years ago, I noticed all these changes: stomach reacting to different foods (omg), random breakouts (thank you Proactiv), 

IMG_4158IMG_6915learning new ways to take care of my hairsleeping & eating patterns, how I deal with conflict, relationships, interpreting my dreams, how to avoid stress, etc… it’s all so much! [Maybe I’ll share my thoughts in a birthday blog next month, cuz Jan. 10th is around the corner!! Ah!] 



I can’t say it enough…Thank You to ALL of my fans, subscribers, my supporters, those who have allowed me to perform on their stage, new friends, and everyone I have had the privilege of crossing paths with. Everything happens for a reason. Cheers to the New Year, to LIFE, to learning & then acting on it. Here’s to CHANGE, Appreciating life and those in it, facing every obstacle, Faith, and God being in control of it all… He keeps us & allows us to see a new day. Thank You.

 2014, it’s been real. 2015, what you got for me? I’m pretty much as ready as I’ll ever be. Lol




PS… 2014 may be over, but we just getting started with my new single, “Why You Come For Me?” Keep watching 🙂 Please keep downloading, sharing & posting your feedback. It means everything to me! Thanks & God Bless…

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