“Turn the Music UP, Turn the Noise down” -Writing Sessions America, 2017. | This has been WSA’s motto all year. I love it. What does it mean? Well I think it’s safe to assume, “Turn The Music Up” simply means to turn the volume up as far as sound goes; but also to turn up your passions, turn up your light, your energy, drive and purpose! I believe you have to define what music is for yourself… And whatever it isn’t, turn that mess off.


Music is the life we live & see around us in an art form. It’s one of the greatest ways we can communicate & connect with people all over the world without EVER having to meet each other. That’s powerful. Music is an outlet for me. Writing allows me to be vulnerable. It’s one of the places I shine as a creative. There are no limits — there’s a freedom there. Writing allows me to say what I want to someone without having to say it to their face. Lol! Seriously, I can tell someone how much they mean to me by just translating my feelings into lyrics. Instead of me ranting & raving on the internet, music is my platform to vent, artistically. Music is my safe place. Instead of me blowing up at someone, or nagging the same person all of the time, I’m learning that I can blow off some steam, just by writing down my thoughts. I find the best songs are written from a real place. Now although there are no limits, I do think it’s important to be mindful of what I share and how the message is delivered. Just because I wrote it down in the heat of the moment, doesn’t always mean it’s ready for the world to hear, or that it’s great either lol. It’s a process — and I want to respect it.


Dance is the same as writing in some ways. The same way I go thru something & tell the story through song, is the same way a dancer can hear a song & then narrate it using their body movement. I think it’s incredible to be able to communicate with others & hold so many people’s attention without EVER having to say a word! 🙂 Not only that, but dance allows me to become whatever I want to be in that moment – like acting. I’m allowed to portray a character. She may not be the same bubbly girl, who’s known for keeping a smile on her face all of the time. She gets mad, too! Lol I have so many thoughts, feelings, desires & passions that want to come out. Song & dance allow me to do just that. That is why music is my outlet


Turn The Noise Down…

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” I’m grasping that concept more & more every day. As I get older and began paying more attention to what’s going on in the world, I find myself getting easily agitated. Lol Not everything I see & hear is good for me. I don’t enjoy watching the news. I stopped watching select reality & talk shows and began tuning in to podcasts… and sometimes those even get me heated! Lol. I know I can’t always avoid the negative; I do believe it’s vital that I protect my energy, though. Overall, I just want good things to flow in my life. So I make a conscious effort to listen to motivational audio every day, read books, study the Word, train my voice, write, hang around positive people, study my crafts, and be open to learning from others. I want those same good things to beam off of me. I want to be valuable to my loved ones & valuable in my career field.


There are so many things we desire to do in life, and sometimes it seems as if there are just as many roadblocks trying to stop us! Challenges are good, because they keep us growing. Now unfortunately, sometimes we are the problem, because we stand in our own way. I heard someone say today, “My life is mine.”  I heard someone else say, “You are responsible for your own happiness.”  Those hit home for me. I take that to mean: No excuses. If you want to do something, you need to get up & find a way to do it. If you don’t like something, you should change it. If it’s something you can’t change, then that means you have no control over it, you should quit worrying about it, and adjust. (Easier said than done, right? lol) Life is always throwing something at us and we just gotta learn from it. If not, life will just keep repeating itself – and we don’t want that. So when something gets in your way, remind yourself that it’s just — noise. Turn it down. Then turn up everything else. Cuz if you’re not gonna give it your all, then why do it? Why do something just because? Why be mediocre? Why live a life full of what ifs? Stop talking about what you wanna do and do it! Finish what you start! Whether that’s writing a song, releasing an album, recording a video, finishing a book, going back to school, relocating, going to church, cleaning your room, leaving that ex alone lol whatever! Turn down the excuses! Turn down the noise and Do. Your. Work. Turn the music UP. Keep working until you see results & celebrate your progress along the way! You have everything you need in you to succeed. Pull it out! …Fearful? So what, do it scared. 🙂


I love you guys so much. Thank you for tuning in. I pray you have a happy, safe & successful New Year! Subscribe HERE for everything AshleYYY and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂 *If you are interested in learning more about WSA, please visit www.writingsessions.net — Highlights from the music conference are on the way, too!