Watch Me Discuss My Let’s Wait! Campaign [VIDEO]

AshleYYY - Lets Wait -3

Hey World!

My LETS WAIT! campaign launched this year and now it’s time to put it into ACTION!

Waiting to have SEX is okay!  I believe you can do whatever it is you love in this world & STILL hold onto your values. So this campaign is about empowering our youth, the importance of education, overcoming barriers, holding ourselves to a higher standard, & having high self-esteem.

I’m looking forward to getting out this summer & speaking to the youth. 🙂 If there’s an event you would like me to attend and/or if you’re interested in being apart of this movement in any way, please contact me HERE.

For more info on the Let’s Wait! campaign, please read HERE.

-AshleYYY 🙂

…PSA’s coming soon! Check out my Let’s Wait! Photos HERE.