What Do You Think About YOU?


Quote of the Day –

“Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about you. In the first place, if they had better things going on in their lives, they wouldn’t have the time to sit around and talk about you. What’s important to me is not others’ opinions of me, but what’s important to me is my opinion of myself.” ~C. JoyBell C. (Author)

As I searched the web for self-love quotes, I came across this one and thought it was perfect. Self-explanatory. Blunt. — I understand we all have a journey, and on the way: lots of learning to do, finding your purpose, figuring out what you like/dislike, working, going to school, maintaining healthy relationships with family, friends, & so forth. It can be a bit overwhelming at times; especially when we’re trying to please everyone around us. Sometimes we forget that that task is IMPOSSIBLE. So why bother, right?

Well if only it were that simple. Lol Are you a thinker? I am. I think so much about life – and that’s okay! But I also believe it’s important to filter my thoughts. I’m learning that now. We all live busy lives and it makes sense to naturally think about what’s important to us daily. But what about the stuff that doesn’t matter? The stuff that’s not important? The stuff that makes us fearful, that hinders us, that stops us from living freely?! – WE have to take responsibility for ourselves. I always talk about how important it is to change your mind set when necessary. [The bible even speaks on the ‘renewing’ of your mind!] So since we already have to think, why not just fill it up with good stuff?

For example: As a performer, I battle with myself! It’s easy for me to think SO much about how a performance will go, it starts to become stressful. “Will the sound be right? Will I have enough space to dance? Will the mic be cordless? Will I hit every note?” and so forth, ALL before I even get to the show day!! Lol! Crazy, right? Well with the help of loved ones & actually reading on it, I found out I’m not alone & there ARE things I can do to fix that…

*Our brains can only focus on so much at a time! So replace the negative thoughts with constructive/helpful ones.*

Negative-I hope this place has a better sound system then the last one, so the audience can hear me this time!” /  Constructive-“I’m well-rehearsed and prepared for my show. I’ll cross any other bridges when I get there.”

Negative- “Don’t mess up that move like you always do!” / Constructive- “You got this, do it just like you rehearsed!”

Negative– “Here comes that line I always sing wrong” / Constructive“Relax, take a breath, and let your air flow.”

See what I mean? Instead of crowding my head with thoughts that will only make it worse (make me doubtful & even more nervous), I swap them with good stuff! Lol I’m still learning! Take that example and apply it to other aspects of your life. Did you grow up hearing people always make fun of how tall you were? Does your best friend insult your style of dress every chance he gets? Did a stranger at the store speak rudely to you? Whatever the case may be, don’t allow others (or negative thoughts) to pull you down…with them. People will have something to say FOREVER. They will give you their opinion even when you didn’t ask for it, and may even be offending you on a daily without knowing it! My point is, it’s okay for people to have their own opinions, but what counts is how YOU feel about yourself(And God’s opinion! :)). Sometimes you have to know when to speak up & other times just let it go. And try to decipher who’s got your best interest at heart. “Are they telling me this because they care or because they want to hurt me?” Sometimes we can stand in our own way by not listening to those around us who are truly trying to help.

To sum everything up…

*Be aware of your thoughts (and what you ALLOW to stick with you) because once you think a certain way for so long, it begins to show up in you, your actions & you become what you feared all along. – Find out WHO you are, love YOURSELF, and be comfortable in your OWN skin. (It make take some time, and that’s fine :))

*Remember mistakes happen. So what! That’s how we learn. Once you know where you may have went wrong, take the necessary actions & work on it – so you get better each time! (Practice makes perfect! Or close to it lol)

*FEAR is natural. But remember to CONTROL it. Don’t let it control YOU! (Take chances & LIVE baby! 🙂 Find what makes you happy.)

I love you guys…Thank You so much for reading and God Bless,

~AshleYYY 🙂

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