“Winter Storm” in Atlanta!



OMG. I was laughing yesterday when I saw that it was high 30’s and we were getting light snow. Now for those who don’t know, I am from Milwaukee, WI and WE KNOW how bad weather can get and STILL have to go to work, school, ride the bus, etc. So naturally, I don’t freak out when I watch the weather channel here in Atlanta. I saw school cancellations on the bottom of my TV screen and thought it was great people were being warned early, and would also be able to leave school early the next day.

So the next day comes (Tuesday), and the snow is beautiful! (I’m not a fan of super cold weather and dirty snow, but it was so light and pretty. Reminded me of home 🙂 It actually snowed all day up until the night. I heard plenty of people were in the grocery store! My thoughts exactly: “They stocking up on food like they gon be inside for days?!” Lol Once again, I think nothing of it…. Hours go past and I hear social media is buzzing! It took some people hours to get home and some were worried about being stranded! And I’m just like, seriously?!


I wake up the next day (TODAY) and people are calling/texting me to make sure I’m okay! I tune in to CNN only to hear there has been nearly 1,000 accidents due to weather conditions & the roads! WOW. I’ve heard Atlanta doesn’t get much snow, nor do they have salt trucks in the budget. But to know that the weather can be unpredictable and we DO in fact get snow during the winter months, makes me think that we would just automatically be prepared. Right?

Well, I guess not. It seems everybody knew the “storm” was coming, and everybody got off work and/or school early yesterday – But ALL AT THE SAME TIME :/ Now Atlanta traffic already sucks, so just imagine what it would be like with icy roads on top of traffic! People were stuck overnight for hours, a woman gave birth in her car, people slept in Home Depot, etc! We were not prepared.

I feel bad for those who have been effected directly by this. It really is ridiculous. Only a few inches of snow, it’s not that cold outside, and people are stranded :/ If the city wasn’t going to prepare for the weather, then schools & businesses should have just been canceled! On a brighter note, The National Guard was out there this morning checking on people, giving out food & blankets and water to mothers for their babies…Schools had huge sleepovers for their students…Home Depot employees provided food, movies, and somewhere to sleep for people last night as well! Now that’s awesome 🙂 Always good to see people come together and help each other – Going above and beyond even when it’s not in your job description! But that’s the way it should be.  ….As for the ones still stranded, I hope the city is doing what they can quickly to ensure every family makes it home safely. ASAP. Hoping those who were injured recover smoothly and quickly.

Thanks to all those who were concerned. I’m fine… Let’s keep everyone else in our prayers. Hang in there Atlanta!


Praise God & God Bless!